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Australia's Remarkable Wildlife: Koala

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Author: John Lesley

Product Category: Top -> Nature -> Nature: Animals -> Nature: Animals - Australian

Published: August 2022
Published By: Redback Publishing
Product Description
The cute and cuddly koala sleeps all day, eats a very limited diet, and is facing threats from many sources. Find out all about their way of life and the special adaptations that make gum tree forests their only habitat.

Australia's Remarkable Wildlife Series
Australia has been an island continent surrounded by oceans for millions of years. During this long, long time, its animals have evolved into species that are unique and precious. Covered with feathers, fur, spikes or scales, Australia's wild creatures can be beautiful, frightening and even dangerous. Find out about Australia's remarkable wildlife in this series, then look at them in a whole new way.

ISBN-13: 9781925860986
Reading Level: Primary
Format: Hardback
Size: 270x215mm
Pages: 32
Publisher: Redback Publishing

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