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Capital Cities Across Australia: Hobart

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Author: William Day

Product Category: Top -> Geography & Environment -> Geo/Env: Cities of World

Published: September 2019
Published By: Redback Publishing
Product Description
Founded just a few years after Sydney, Hobart is renowned for its historic Georgian buildings and beautiful scenery. The harsh conditions for convicts contrasted grimly with the lifestyle of the free settlers. Find out how both groups actually lived, with extracts from one of Australia's oldest newspapers, as well as photographs and stories about Hobart's places and people. The Black War and the Black Line resulted in the deaths of many of Tasmania's Aboriginal people. Truganina was the most famous survivor and her contribution is explained. Modern Hobart is a tourist destination, attracting visitors who are keen to experience its historic sites, galleries, mountain forests and waterways. Hobart is also a place of departure for Antarctic research vessels, and its business community provides one of the few places in the world dedicated to their practical support.

Each of Australia's eight capital cities has a unique history. Some, like Sydney, depended on convicts for their early survival. Others, such as Adelaide, refused to accept convicts and developed differently as a result. Having a reliable source of fresh water was a common requirement, which is why all of the cities are located beside a water supply of some sort. Many cities struggled through their early years, until the 19th century Gold Rush provided them with the funds to build magnificent civic buildings, as well as roads, bridges and railways. Today, each of the capitals has its own character and attractions, and their development plans will determine the shape of Australia's future.

ISBN-13: 9781925860504
Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
Format: Hardback
Size: 277x223mm
Pages: 32
Publisher: Redback Publishing

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