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Author: Joanna Nylund

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Published: February 2020
Published By: Hachette Australia
Product Description
Discover and implement practical ways of increasing silence in our daily livesDiscover and implement practical ways of increasing silence in our daily lives
In our increasingly frenetic, modern lives silence has become a treasured commodity.

In an era of constant technological stimulation, moments of silence and reflection are harder to achieve than ever before. But what really is silence and what effect does it have on our wellbeing?

In SILENCE, Joanna Nylund reflects on the cultural, scientific and spiritual impact of silence and the ways in which it has impacted our human history, whilst suggesting how we might be able to harness it's power to boost our health. With practical tips and techniques, Nylund demonstrates that integrating moments of silence into our everyday routine can boost creativity, increase communication and improve mental health.

SILENCE shows us that moments of quiet are not to be feared but are windows of introspection to embraced and harnessed for our own personal development.

ISBN-13: 9781856754200
Reading Level:
Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Hachette Australia

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