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My Spectacular Self: Sometimes Cows Wear Polka Dots

A Tolerance Story
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Author: Shoshana Stopek

Product Category: Top -> Health PE&PD -> Health PE&PD: Issues -> Health PE&PD: Iss - Children

Published: September 2022
Published By: Capstone
Product Description
Millie isn't like the other cows. The other cows make milk. Millie makes milkshakes. The other cows meander. Millie sashays. The other cows wear spots. Millie wears polka dots. Despite being teased, Millie continues to be herself. When her actions earn the attention and respect of the other farm animals, the cows start to wonder if they should be more tolerant of Mille's uniqueness. Can Millie's sparkle help others learn to celebrate differences so everyone can shine?

ISBN-13: 9781666332568
Reading Level: Primary
Format: Paperback
Size: 228x215mm
Pages: 32
Publisher: Capstone

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