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You Choose: Disasters in History: Can You Survive The Johnstown Flood

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Author: Steven Otfinoski

Product Category: Top -> Fiction -> Fiction: Age Groups -> Fiction: Age 10 - 12

Published: September 2022
Published By: Capstone
Product Description
On May 31, 1889, heavy rains and a dam failure sent flood waters sweeping into Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The 50-foot-high wall of water quickly demolished much of the town. Will you and your new husband be able to escape certain doom as you wait for your train to leave the station? Can you climb onto your house's roof for safety before the building completely fills with water? Will you join in the effort to save others who are floating by on the roofs of their houses? With dozens of possible choices, it's up to YOU to find a way to survive one of the deadliest disasters in American history.

ISBN-13: 9781666323641
Reading Level: Primary
Format: Paperback
Size: 190x133mm
Pages: 112
Publisher: Capstone

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