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Red Sky Burning

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Author: Teri Terry

Product Category: Top -> Fiction -> Fiction

Published: July 2021
Published By: Hachette
Product Description
Where do you run when there's no one left to trust? The stunning follow up to DARK BLUE RISING, the new thriller trilogy from Teri Terry.
She survived the hurricane and now Tabby is on the run, hoping she can make it to her old friend Jago before her pursuers catch her.
All she has are questions, about the experiments she saw in the basement of her swim school...about who - or what -she is.
Denzi is also searching for answers after the storm. But each time he connects with a survivor, they disappear.
The environmental activist group The Circle claims responsibility for the hurricane that destroyed Tabby and Denzi's school and caused great damage around the world. Now they threaten further terror if their demands aren't met.
As the political tension bubbles over into violence, Tabby and Denzi search for the truth. There's something connecting them, drawing their paths into one.
Can they put the puzzle pieces together and discover what The Circle wants with them? Sometimes it's better not to know the truth...

ISBN-13: 9781444955101
Reading Level: Secondary
Format: Paperback
Size: 198x130mm
Pages: 448
Publisher: Hachette

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