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Wonders of the North Pole

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Author: F. Latreille

Product Category: Top -> Geography & Environment -> Geo/Env: Countries/Continents -> Geo/Env: CC - Antarctic/Arctic

Published: February 2007
Published By: Thames and Hudson
Product Description
Children have always been fascinated by the immensity of the North Pole. Seen as a mysterious world, it raises many questions: How does an ice flow form? Do Inuits always live in igloos? What animals live there? This book addresses all these questions. Concentrating on nature, fauna, people, science and global warming, "Wonders of the North Pole" looks at the extreme temperatures of the North Pole, the formation of icebergs, the polar nights and arctic summers.

ISBN-13: 9780810914315
Reading Level: Upper Primary, Secondary
Format: Paperback
Size: 310x250mm
Pages: 80
Publisher: Thames and Hudson

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