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Maybe We're Electric

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Author: Val Emmich

Product Category: Top -> Fiction -> Fiction: Age Groups -> Fiction: Age 15 - 16

Published: December 2021
Published By: Hachette
Product Description
Tegan Everly is painfully shy. Known around school simply as the girl with the weird hand, she's only her true outspoken self with her friend Neel, and right now they're not exactly talking. When Tegan is ambushed by her mom with a truth she can't face, she flees home in a snowstorm, finding refuge at a forgotten local attraction - the tiny Thomas Edison museum.
She's not alone for long. In walks Mac Durant. Striking, magnetic, a gifted athlete, Mac Durant is the classmate adored by all. Tegan can't stand him. Even his name sounds fake. Except the Mac Durant she thinks she knows isn't the one before her now - this Mac is rattled and asking her for help.
Over one unforgettable night spent consuming antique records and corner-shop provisions, Tegan and Mac cast aside their public personas and family pressures long enough to forge an unexpectedly charged bond and -- in the very spot in New Jersey that inspired Edison's boldest creations -- totally reinvent themselves. But could Tegan's most shameful secret destroy what they've built?

ISBN-13: 9780316451444
Reading Level: Secondary
Format: Paperback
Pages: 0
Publisher: Hachette

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